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FIFA Sets the Bar with AED Packs

A rare but serious health issue faces even the healthiest of athletes. Most don’t realize that they have it, or even the possibility until it is to late. One such case was that of defender Serginho of the São Caetano team. In 2004 with just minutes to go in the game versus Sao Paulo Serginho’s team was making a mad rush down field, and Serginho ran to fill in the open area and defend their end of the field. As he was running he slowed down and then collapsed.
With FIFA's new Special Edition Statpacks Quicklook AED Bag Future Cardiac Arrest Deaths of Athletes may be avoidedThe images that followed were aired over live TV showing the medics, trainers, and teammates working and struggling to resuscitate this athlete that had apparently suffered from cardiac complications or failure. The pain shown on the faces of his teammates will forever be remembered by the spectators that day.

After 48 minutes of work on his resuscitation, Serginho was confirmed dead of Cardiac Arrest. This fatality during what seemed to be a routine football (Soccer for you americans) match caused a great deal of questions in the athletic world. What is necessary for proper care of injuries on the field? And what can been done to prevent this from happening in the future?

AED Packs to the Rescue

Here at StatPacks we are happy to have been chosen to be part of the solution. The FIFA organization realized that a key missing component of the medical supplies that are on hand for their emergency officials were Automatic Defibrillator or AED devices. A defibrillator may have made all the difference for Serginho back in 2004. And FIFA is committed to ensure that this sort of tragedy doesn’t happen again.

FIFA worked out a special contract with Statpacks to provide the our popular Quicklook AED pack in the beautiful FIFA Blue color. These packs will be issued to the emergency personnel for all of the 209 FIFA member associations. As you can see from the photo below these packs are not only beautiful, but they are going to help FIFA reduce the risk of sudden cardiac arrest deaths on the pitch during any of their sporting events. Because the life of the athlete is the most important part of the equation.

FIFA AED Packs lined up to show off their amazing blue color
for the click here for the official aed packs press release.