Statpacks – Fast Packs for Medics

The Medic Bag Company

Statpacks Medic Bags Keep You Organized at an IncidentStatPacks is the medic bag company that is changing the way Emergency Clinicians think about carrying their gear. Relying on advanced ergonomics, intelligent design, and superior quality materials, StatPacks medic bags keep the medic’s hands and mind free to handle the unexpected. Our smart and compact medic packs reduce injuries and improve efficiency on the scene. Statpacks EMS bags fuse advanced sports-mountaineering know-how from the outdoor industry, with practical ideas from the front lines of emergency medicine. This fusing of disciplines allows Statpacks to provide EMT gear that is not only functional, but ensures comfort and a minimum amount of stress on the medical professional. We believe that every ounce of weight and wear on an EMT’s back must be justified through our products clinical effectiveness.

Serving Medical Professionals for over 10 years

Statpacks Medic Bag 10 Year Anniversary LogoStatpacks is not the new kid on the block, we have been producing our amazing products for over a decade. Putting effective tools in the hands of medical professionals both domestically and internationally. We feel confident that the additional seconds saved through the use of our medic bags have helped EMS professionals the world over save lives. But we are just getting started, Ten years of amazing products is only the beginning.

Medic Bags that don’t disappoint

Based in St. George, Utah, StatPacks EMS bags are designed and built to be some of the most innovative packs and accessories on the market. Our EMT packs cover the full range of emergency medical needs. Combining high-tech construction, functional features and intuitive structures, StatPacks are the most rugged, comfortable and effective packs on the market today. Statpacks medical packs have been field tested around the globe and provide quick and effective assistance in life saving procedures every day.

From Competition to Real Life

FDNY Wins JEMS Games 2013 with StatpacksStatpacks medic bags are used by some of the best competition teams out there to win in tough challenges between medical professionals (Check out FDNY’s epic win at the 2013 JEMS Games). We have heard many times that it is near impossible to beat a competition team that is using Statpacks medic bags. The proof is in the pudding, Statpacks help make your team as fast as possible on the competition floor or on location at an incident where the extra speed and efficiency truly matter.

Don’t compromise where it really matters. Keep your team as fast and effective in the field as possible, while helping them avoid back injuries that will keep them out of action when they are needed most.