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Please read the following questions and see if becoming an EMS bag distributor is right for you.
Statpacks gear helps you become a great EMS Bag Distriibutor

  • Is your company passionate about supplying the best EMT Gear and Trauma Packs on the market?
  • Do you currently have a retail or end user distribution and want to add Statpacks premier EMS Bag product line to your offerings?
  • Are you looking to open a new distribution chain where you wish to feature the best quality  Emergency Medical Equipment for your clients?
  • Or are you an EMS Professional that wants to introduce their current EMT Gear distributor to the best EMT Gear around?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions then this form is for you.

Please fill out the form below to either request information about becoming a new StatPacks EMS Bag Distributor, or to give us the contact information for your current distributor that you would like us communicate with about carrying our amazing line of EMS packs.

Become a Statpacks EMS Bags Distributor



Thank you for filling our our StatPacks EMS Bag Distributor Information Request form. Our StatPacks EMS Bag Distributor Relationship Team will review the form and contact you with information about how you should proceed to become the newest emergency medical equipment distributor.

While you are waiting for contact from our Statpacks team please feel free to browse our entire line of Emergency Medical Equipment and begin to familiarize yourself with the features and specifications of our EMS Packs, Cell and Module System Components, EMS Waist Packs, EMS MCI Vests, and Essential EMS Accessories. Once you have acquainted yourself with the ins and outs of our StatPacks EMS gear you will be equipped to effectively sell our amazing EMS Packs to your clients and customers.

StatPacks Emergency Medical Equipment Bags are another amazing brand brought to you by the Elite Creators, LLC Team.