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FDNY Uses StatPacks EMS Gear to Win at 2013 JEMS Games

FDNY is one of the busiest fire departments in the US with a total jurisdiction of 322 Square Miles and covering over 8 million inhabitants. Even with those stats, they still maintain an average response time of 4-8 minutes. This experienced team sent their best medics supplied with StatPacks EMS Gear to the Jems Games (Paramedic Games) in Washington D.C. The FDNY team had to deal with several catastrophic events in a crowd, seizures, and shootings. FDNY Uses Statpacks EMS Gear to Win All of the EMS teams put up some stiff competition at the Games, executing their tasks with precision and... Read More

FIFA Sets the Bar with AED Packs

A rare but serious health issue faces even the healthiest of athletes. Most don’t realize that they have it, or even the possibility until it is to late. One such case was that of defender Serginho of the São Caetano team. In 2004 with just minutes to go in the game versus Sao Paulo Serginho’s team was making a mad rush down field, and Serginho ran to fill in the open area and defend their end of the field. As he was running he slowed down and then collapsed. The images that followed were aired over live TV showing the medics, trainers, and teammates working and struggling to... Read More