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Introducing the G3+ line

More Resiliant Fabric

Advanced Stand Strong Base

Durable Mono-Mesh Compartments

Your favorite Medic Packs have been upgraded with these amazing new features! They have been engineered to enhance your user experience and maximize their lifespan.

We Create the Best EMS Bags to Save Lives

We design and build high-performance, innovative EMS bags and accessories for all emergency response professionals.

Our passion comes from our belief that well-designed emergency medical equipment saves lives.

StatPacks was founded by Las Vegas paramedic Scott Nelson in 2003 after he got frustrated with “black hole” medic bags. He created his own prototypes, combining knowledge from the mountaineering equipment industry with his front-lines experience as an EMT.

Born of real-life experience, StatPacks gives you the most functional, high-tech, rugged, and comfortable EMS bags on the market.

We believe that every ounce of weight and wear on an EMT’s back must be justified. That’s why our EMS bags are made using advanced ergonomics, intelligent design, ultra-efficient organization, and superior quality materials. We design EMS bags to keep medics’ hands and minds free to handle the unexpected in emergency situations.

By improving efficiency on the scene, our EMS bags reduce injuries and save precious time in dealing with the critically injured.

We’re passionate about improving how medics carry gear so you can do your important jobs faster, safer, and more efficiently. Because well-designed gear saves lives!


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