High-Performance EMS Trauma Bags for EMS Professionals

Here at Statpacks we design and build innovative, high-performance EMS trauma bags, packs and accessories for the entire range of emergency response professionals.

We’re passionate about what we do because we believe that well-designed emergency medical equipment helps trained professionals save lives.

We believe that every ounce of weight on an EMT’s back must be justified through our product’s clinical effectiveness. We use intelligent design, advanced ergonomics, and superior quality materials in all our EMS trauma bags and other emergency medical bags and accessories.

Our smart and compact EMS bags keep medics’ hands and minds free to handle the unexpected. They reduce injuries and improve efficiency on the scene.

Statpacks EMS Trauma Bags Responder used by firefighter

We’ve combined knowledge and experience from the sports mountaineering equipment industry with innovative, practical ideas born on the front lines of real EMS experience. This fusing of disciplines is how we provide EMT gear that is not only functional, but also ensures comfort and a minimum amount of stress on medical professionals.

With high-tech construction, ultra-efficient organization, and practical features, StatPacks are the most rugged, comfortable and useful EMT packs available to EMS professionals today.

Statpacks ems trauma bags Load n Go used by helicopter rescue teams

Serving Medical Professionals with High-End EMS Trauma Bags for over 20 years

We have been producing EMS trauma bags and other products since 2003.

The concepts behind StatPacks were first conceived on a Las Vegas ambulance crew. As a rookie paramedic, Scott Nelson knew there had to be a better alternative to the bulky, cumbersome “black-hole bags.” He got frustrated with constantly fumbling around to find equipment jumbled together at the bottom of large pockets.

Within a few years, Nelson was modifying commercial outdoor packs for his own use as EMS trauma bags. By 2001, Nelson was testing full-blown prototypes with the Portneuf Life Flight team of Pocatello, Idaho.

StatPacks was formed in 2003 when a team of expert designers created the first line of EMS trauma bags built specifically for emergency medical professionals, and manufactured for commercial sale.

StatPacks remains engaged in the relentless pursuit of safer, more comfortable, more efficient EMS bags and accessories. We’re passionate about improving the way medics carry their gear so they can do their important jobs faster.

In short, StatPacks exists because well-designed gear can help you save lives!

From Competition to Real Life

Statpacks EMS trauma bags are used by some of the best competition teams out there to win in tough challenges between medical professionals. Check out this video of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue taking first place at the 2022 JEMS Games (Timestamp 48:55) with Statpacks gear.

We have heard many times that it is near impossible to beat a competition team that is using Statpacks EMS bags. The proof is in the pudding—Statpacks help make your team as fast as possible on the competition floor or on location at an incident where the extra speed and efficiency truly matter.

Don’t compromise where it really matters. Keep your team as fast and effective in the field as possible, while helping them avoid back injuries that will keep them out of action when they are needed most.

StatPacks Collaborates with FIFA

After a tragic event, the FIFA organization realized that a key missing component of the medical supplies that are on hand for their emergency officials were Automatic Defibrillator or AED devices. To prevent similar tragedies, FIFA worked out a special contract with Statpacks to provide the our popular Quicklook AED pack in the beautiful FIFA Blue color. These EMS trauma bags are issued to the emergency personnel of the FIFA member associations.


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