Compare Our Emergency Airway Kit Options

We offer two emergency airway kit options for EMS professionals. See the features below to choose the best emergency airway kit for you.

Statpacks G3+ Airway Cell ems intubation bags



12 inches


7 inches


6 inches


1.5 pounds

G3+ Infection Control Materials
Statpacks G3+ Quickroll Intubation emergency airway kit



10 inches


8 inches


3 inches


.25 pounds

G3+ Infection Control Materials

StatPacks Emergency Airway Kit Standard Features

All our EMS intubation bags above come with the following standard features:

EMS Intubation Bags Construction

Our emergency airway kits are thoughtfully designed to organize and protect advanced airway adjuncts. They allow you to neatly arrange your intubation, laryngoscope blades, oral pharyngeal airways, and nasal pharyngeal airways for fast access.

Our kits are foam-lined to keep all your emergency medical equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements.

The full-length zippers on our EMS intubation bags have large silicone rings attached to the ends of them. This makes zipping and unzipping quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Each emergency airway kit can be fully laid out to display all your EMS intubation bag equipment. This makes it very easy to locate and grab all your equipment.

The interior pockets are organized with see-through mesh pockets and elastic band strips. These give you virtually limitless organization options.

A durable transparent urethane ID window is provided on the side of each emergency airway kit. This allows you to identify it between other medic bags.

Cutting-edge Material Technology in Our Airway Emergency Kits

We employ a top-tier elastomer, the forefront of material technology, to construct our emergency airway kits.

Its unique blend of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties qualifies for demanding applications.

These encompass:

  • Superior Tear Strength: Our material outperforms most elastomers, ensuring our EMS intubation bags remain intact.
  • High Abrasion Resistance: Over three times more durable than rubber, our material withstands harsh abuse without scratches.
  • Exceptional Flexibility: Our material maintains flexibility, even in extremely cold temperatures, without compromising strength.
  • Microbiological Resistance: Crucial for emergency intubation kits, our material resists microbiological attacks effectively.
  • Optimal Biocompatibility: Perfect for medical, sanitary, sport, and protective devices, our material showcases unparalleled biocompatibility.
  • Weather Resistance: Our material safeguards against degradation in severe climates, usable across a wide temperature range.
  • Chemical Resistance: Unaffected by oil contamination, our material avoids staining concerns from grease, ensuring lasting reliability.
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