Compare Our IV Bag Holder Kit Options

We offer two IV bag holder kits for EMS professionals. See the features below to choose the best IV kit bag for you.

Statpacks G3+ Circulatory Kit iv bag holder



10 inches


8 inches


4 inches


0.4 pounds

G3+ Infection Control Materials
Statpacks G3+ Intravenous cell iv kit bag



12.5 inches


6.5 inches


5 inches


0.6 pounds

G3+ Infection Control Materials

We offer two IV bag holder kits for EMS professionals. See the features below to choose the best IV kit bag for you.

All our IV bag holder kits above come with the following standard features:

IV Kit Bag Construction

Our IV kit bags are foam-lined and foldable to be highly-protected, well-organized, and easily-accessible.

They keep all your drip sets, IV bags, catheters, needles, and start kits neatly arranged for quick and easy access.

Our IV kit bag cells are specifically designed to fit into any of the StatPacks G3++ and G4 EMS packs. The intravenous bags also fit into most EMT Jump Bags available in the market today.

The full-length zippers have large silicone rings attached to the ends of them. This makes zipping and unzipping your IV bag holder quick and easy.

Multiple storage compartments are provided to enable superior organization.

Space is provided in our IV kit bags to place a pressure gauge for rapid fluid infusion or high-altitude fluid therapy. You can use hot or cold packs in the IV bag holder cell hot/cold therapy pocket to warm or cool fluid(s).

We provide clear ID windows on the sides of the IV bag holders. This allows you to label the bag any way you want to identify between other medic bags.

A clear mesh window is provided on the side of the bag to easily identify your IV cell. Grab handles are also built into the intravenous bags.

Innovative Material Technology for Our Intravenous Bags

We utilize an advanced elastomer for our IV kit bags, featuring superior mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.

Key attributes include:

  • High Tear Strength: Ensuring your IV bag holder remains intact, our material boasts impressive tensile strength.
  • Exceptional Durability: With over three times the robustness of rubber, our intravenous bag material withstands physical abuse, scratches, and friction.
  • Dynamic Flexibility: Our material effortlessly endures external forces, even in extreme cold temperatures, maintaining flexibility.
  • Heat and Weather Resistance: Resisting degradation from UV radiation and heat, our material excels in diverse temperature ranges, offering superior protection.
  • Chemical Resistance: Our material remains unaffected by oil contamination, ensuring chemical stability.
  • Microbiological Resistance: Essential for IV kit bags, our material resists microbiological attacks effectively.
  • Optimal Biocompatibility: Widely used in medical, sanitary, sport, and protective devices, our material demonstrates superior biocompatibility.
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