STATPACKS runs an impossibly lean crew with incredible fluidity.

Led by 12-year vet, GM, distribution and warehousing savant, Francisco Aguirre.  His skill and dedication have bailed us out time and time again, and he has served as motivation when even our own focus waned.

Ricardo Aguirre, operating out of the left-corner workshop is a virtuoso. His speed and attention to detail are astounding. He’s our resident 'MacGyver' and the sole reason why we have the best and most expeditious warranty service in the industry, bar none.

The unflappable Thomas Dayton brings his incredible customer care and calming presence not only to our customers, but to the entire SP Team. There’s no problem he can’t solve, no hat he won’t wear.  He has limitless patience and an uncanny ability to treat every single person with immeasurable respect. His very being keeps things harmonious even under the most stressful conditions..