External modules put important gear at your fingertips, and cells are the building blocks of organization.

Internal swap-outs let you adapt your packs. Predict your special needs and select the modules to suit your Medical Directors standing orders or Protocols. Over the years we’ve found the more modular our packs and accessories are, the easier it is for Medics to personalize their setups or follow department Standard Operating Procedures.

Each Cell is specialized to hold supplies for a specific purpose. StatPacks are designed to house a given number of cells or Modules. All work tighter to provide a customizable system that is orderly and effective at keeping supplies and tools quickly at hand. Each Cell sets the stage for clear thinking and quick reaction. Designed to reveal your tools in a way unique to StatPacks – intuitively grouped and securely protected. Cells unfold to reveal all your vital supplies at once and puts away just as quickly.

G31002BK-G3 UNIVERSAL CELL-BLACK-3321640-660x.jpg


G3 Oxygen Module

G3 Quickroll Intubation

G3 Intravenous Cell

G3 Infusion

G3 First Aid Remedy Kit

G3 Medicine Cell

G3 Circulatory Kit

G3 Universal Kit

G3 Universal Cell

G3 Pharmacy Kit

G3 Airway Cell