EMS Trauma Backpack – G3+ Medic


Trauma Backpack with Large Storage Capacity & Multiple Compartments

The G3+ Medic EMS trauma backpack is a large capacity, highly adaptable and versatile backpack trauma bag. It offers multiple storage compartments, all arranged to unfold elegantly to visually display all contents for quick and easy access.

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This is an ideal EMS trauma backpack for medics who carry a lot of gear and need ready access to all of it at a moment’s notice. The hard shell and reinforced bottom allow the pack to stand up straight.

G3+ Medic backpack trauma bag Applications

The G3+ Medic can be used for multiple applications, including (contents not included—backpack only):

  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)
  • AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support)
  • BVM (Bag Valve Mask)
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • O2 (Accommodates M6 sized Oxygen Cylinder)
G3+ Medic EMS Trauma Backpack - Backpack Trauma Bag

G3+ Medic Construction

The G3+ Medic trauma backpack is designed with one main compartment and two side compartments.

The front of the main compartment features full-length zippers, which allow you to lay the compartment opening down flat to visually display and easily access all contents.

The two side compartments fully unzip on three sides to fold out like “wings” from the main compartment.

All three main compartments are organized by multiple see-through mesh storage pockets to enable superior organization of large amounts of emergency medical supplies.

The main compartment is equipped with removable and customizable dividers that can be arranged however you want. It is also foam-lined and has a hard shell to protect contents from breakage or the elements.

All zippers come with silicone rings attached to them. The large size and high visibility makes it quick and easy for you to zip and unzip your EMS trauma backpack. You’ll never fumble with your zippers in the heat of emergencies.

The bottom of the G3+ Medic is protected from abrasion and the elements by strong tarpaulin.

The main fabric used on the G3+ Medic backpack trauma bag is durable and reflective for high visibility. The material has a protective outer mesh cover, which protects it from wear and tear.

Comfortable transportation is enabled by the foam-molded adjustable shoulder straps.

New G3+ Features for Our Trauma Backpacks:

The G3+ Medic comes standard with our latest G3+ upgrades for trauma backpacks:

  • NEW Cutting-Edge Fabric Technology: Our packs are stronger, easier to clean, and more water resistant, thanks to our innovative new material. The material also gives them a “high shine” finish to make it easier for you to more easily be “seen on the scene.”
  • NEW Transparent Mono-Mesh Storage Compartments: Our packs are now easier to clean and maintain and more durable. They also enable you to more quickly and easily access all your equipment and supplies.
  • NEW “Stand-Strong” Bottom: Our G3+ packs now come with a fortified bottom panel that has low-profile bumpers. These allow the pack to easily sit upright on any surface so you can easily access all contents.

Innovative New Material Technology for Our Trauma Backpacks

For our trauma backpacks, we use a high-performance elastomer that is the most advanced material technology on the market. This material has a stunning combination of chemical, mechanical, and physical properties, which qualify it for the most demanding applications.

These properties include:

  • Superior Tear Strength: Our material’s tensile strength is superior to most elastomers. This allows your EMS trauma backpack to stand up to the harshest abuse.
  • Amazing Flexibility: Not only is our material strong, but it also has very dynamic flexibility, including in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Highly Abrasion Resistant: Our material is more than three times more durable than rubber. Scratching and friction pose no problem to your pack whatsoever.
  • Biocompatibility: The superior biocompatibility of our material makes it widely-utilized in sanitary, medical, sport, and protective device applications.
  • Microbiological Resistance: Our material has been shown to have superior resistance to microbiological attacks. This is a must-have feature for EMS packs, which are constantly exposed to body fluids.
  • Heat and Weather Resistance: Our material demonstrates the strongest protection against degradation under severe climates.
  • Resistance to Oils, Chemicals, and Greases: Our material does not react chemically to oil contamination. This means you never have to worry about your backpack trauma bag getting stained by oils or greases.

Additional information

Weight 6.31 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 13.3 in



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