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Working over 9 years as a firefighter/paramedic in one of the busiest areas of downtown Orlando, I've seen first-hand how important it is to have quality EMS gear.  

StatPacks EMS equipment are not only innovative in design and utility, but they are durable enough to withstand even the harshest of environments and usage.  Couple that with StatPacks excellent customer service and quality guarantee and you have an obvious choice, and one of the most reliable vendors to order from.  

Joshua L. Granada
Firefighter/Paramedic - Orlando FD

As the owner of Global Options & Solutions (GOS911.com) I would like to thank Statpacks, not just for their bags but for their uncompromising customer service, attention to detail and the support they have provided to our company and myself literally all over the world. We have literally used Statpacks gear on five continents, three oceans and too many countries to list here. 

Starting back in 2005 when we were a brand-new startup company providing tactical medical support and security services worldwide, Statpacks always treated us as an equal even at times when we probably didn't deserve to be so. 

While not an official partnership, we have always looked to StatPacks to supply the gear we needed for ourselves and our clients and I can honestly say you guys have never let me down.

And yes I still have the first bag we ever bought and it is still fielded several times a year. We have even used the Medslinger bag for some of our lower profile assignments, when the traditional “tactical” bags would not be advantageous to our public presence.

In closing, I can never thank you guys enough for providing quality, durable, competitively priced gear and incredible customer service along with your research and development team. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Statpacks products to all of our customers and outfitting our own people with them every time they go on assignment.

Raffaele M. Di Giorgio
Global Options & Solutions

StatPacks is an incredible company who backs their products 100%. 

StatPack Bags are very durable and can even be customized if needed.  Stack Packs has met and exceeded our requests and expectations.  Anything we have ever asked of them, they have done whether it is to come up with a new design, fix broken zippers or send us samples.  StatPacks is definitely the way to go.

Heather Greenwood
City Of Tulsa

Statpacks, Inc makes a durable EMS response bag that stands up to the harsh environment of emergency medical services.   

Not only do they stand behind their bags, they work closely with customers to ensure that every aspect of the bag is functional.

I am proud to say that they are more than a company, they are a partner who has helped us improve EMS service delivery.  

Brian J. Frankel, BS, NRP
Assistant Fire Chief - Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services has been using the Statpack Perfusion bags and medication modules for the past 6 years.  During this period of time Statpacks has provided us with exceptional customer service,  standing behind their products.   Statpacks has been receptive to our suggestions for modification to make our work in the EMS field easier.

Bobby Schoonover, AA, NRP
Technical Services Division Manager - Sussex County, Delaware Emergency Medical Services

Perfect in 99% of the situations I have been in.

Somebody really needs an award and needs to keep up the work! I'm small for a paramedic but there's nothing I can't do and nowhere I can't go. All I can do is say thank you for helping save my life ;) ;) :)

Caroyn Brooks
Supervisor/Critical Care paramedic - Knoxville, Tennessee

When Cypress Creek EMS needed a “one of a kind” bag to carry the components used in their Blood Product Program, I turned to StatPacks.  Their willingness to tailor existing bags/modules to fit our needs is what was needed.  We have used Stat Pack bags in our First Responder Program for several years.  The bags have withstood the test of our First Responders so I knew to turn to Stat Packs when I needed a custom solution for our Blood Product Program.

 Wren Nealy
Director, Special Operations/Cypress Creek EMS

On an everyday basis, StatPacks has created EMS bags that make our day to day operation more efficient. With their stock bags our department has the ability to create our own design to fit our everyday needs.

They also are an industry standard in the EMS competition community. I have used their bags exclusively over the years with our ALS completion team. We have put them to the test on durability and they are nothing but the best. Thank you for working with us over the years. 

Carl Sullivan
Fire Captain - Temple Terrace Fire Department

At Boston Medflight, we have almost completely converted to StatPacks bags. We continue to be impressed with the make, design, and customer service Statpack offers. We have a total of 6 different styles of Statpack bags!

We are a busy critical care transport system that services all of New England's sickest neonatal to adult patients. Countless times a day, our Statpack bags must take the abuse of being opened and utilized in the toughest circumstances and conditions. Our helicopters, ambulances, and fixed wing are all stocked with Statpack bags. We are thankful that you provide such a durable, good-looking, and easy to carry product. Keep up the awesome work and incredible customer service!

Tammi Wallace Wood, BSN, CCRN, CFRN, CNPT, CEN
Base manager and staff educator at Boston Medflight

Since switching to StatPacks in early 2016, my organization has been nothing but pleased with the function and toughness of your product.

StatPack is a top-notch EMS bag system that is built with the men and women of the Fire/EMS community in mind. The G3 Responder and the G3 Back-Up are on every frontline apparatus in my department and will be for many years to come!

Michael Hadden
Asst. Division Chief EMS/Training - Tallahassee Fire Department

As you can imagine, the air medical industry faces unique challenges when it comes to space and ergonomics.  StatPacks has worked tirelessly with our team to identify the perfect set of clinical bags that allows us to not only organize our supplies in such a way that enables us to provide patient care in a highly efficient manner, but also helps minimize the risk of back injuries to our employees given the confined space of the aircraft when loading and unloading on scene.  Thank you, StatPacks!”

Lisa Sander, RN, Clinical Manager, REACH Air Medical Services

Palm Harbor Fire Rescue (Florida) began utilizing Statpacks in 2006 for the medical bag because of injuries created by our previous one.  The StatPack bag offered multiple means for the FF/PM to carry it both comfortably and ergonomically and all but eliminated injury claims.  Since then we have been utilizing StatPack Bags for our Respiratory and Trauma bags.  It has proven to be a durable and dependable product that StatPacks has stood behind and asked for input when a repairs were required and made the adjustment.  

Bob Markford
Deputy Chief of Support Services - Palm Harbor Fire Rescue

StatPacks can be trusted with our daily work. We have been working for several years with their products, and found them to be exceptional.

Their functionality and quality puts them amongst the best in the market. We have been recommending their products for Jevra Hatzalah Volunteers in Argentina, and they love them. EASPA’s Foundation will continue working with StatPacks.

Tommy Walker
President of EASPA’s Foundation - Argentina

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