#Statpacked: Which Statpacks Medical Backpack is Right for You?

The G3+ Responder and Breather are titans in the EMS Gear world keeping your essential EMS gear organized and ready to roll.

At Statpacks, we design and manufacture the highest quality medical backpacks and accessories for EMT professionals.

We provide multiple medical backpack options to give you exactly what you like for your preferences.

Three of our most popular options include the G3+ Breather, G3+ Responder, and G3+ Load-N-Go medical backpack.

In this video, Andrew Wire from the Fire Store walks you through the features of each medical backpack:

G3+ Breather Medical Backpack Overview

The G3+ Breather medical backpack features a large front pouch that opens with two side zippers and a top Velcro flap. This makes is really easy to open.

Inside the pouch you’ll find your tools and equipment for easy access. You’ll find multiple see-through mono-mesh storage compartments.

Elastic bands with different size loops are provided to fit tools and different size vials.

Beneath the front pouch you’ll find the medical backpack main compartment, where multiple storage options are provided as well. These include a transparent window for storing airway protocols.

The main compartment has a lot of room to fit oxygen administration equipment. It can hold a D-sized oxygen cylinder.

Two more large compartments are provided on the side of the G3+ medical backpack. These give you room to store splinting equipment, hot and cold packs, bandages, burn equipment, and more.

The G3+ Breather is a large and capable EMS Oxygen Bag and medic backpack
The G3+ Breather is an amazing medic pack and ems oxygen bag this image shows the options for items to store in the front easy access zip out panel
G3+ Breather oxygen med bag and ems jump bag showing some of the different medic loadouts

G3+ Load-N-Go Overview

The G3+ Load-N-Go medical backpback is the same design setup as the Breather. However, it’s just a little bit smaller.

This medic pack will not hold an oxygen cylinder. That’s pretty much the only difference between this and the Breather.

We designed the Load-N-Go specifically designed for close-quarter, quick access operations. This includes fixed-wing and critical care transport, ambulance, and fire engines.

No other medical pack keeps equipment more organized and quickly accessible.

The G3+ Load N Go is a versatile EMT Jump Bag with a large capacity it easily covers allyour medical backpack needs
The G3+ Load N Go provides quick access to all of your medic backpack needs and has the space for all your essential medic loadouts This image shows some of the items that can be easily stored and organized inside the back panel and side pouches
The G3+ Load N Go has ample room for all of your essential emt gear and medic loadouts it is a great medical supply bag. This image shows one option for how to organize your gear in the large main compartment

G3+ Responder Overview

The G3+ Responder is our largest and most spacious medical backpack. It is designed for paramedics who need to haul a lot of equipment in one bag.

It features a single spacious main compartment, flanked by two side compartments. Two more sizable storage compartments are positioned on top and in front of the primary section.

The main compartment is equipped with full-length zippers. This gives you the convenience of laying out the EMS bag entirely flat. This facilitates easy access to its contents.

The Responder accommodates up to four Statpacks Generation 3 standard cells. The spacious main compartment allows for versatile stacking configurations. This ensures neat and secure storage of internal cells.

The main compartment is lined with foam padding to keep your gear safe.

An aluminum track provides a stable anchor point for the shoulder straps.

An aluminum track provides a stable anchor point for the shoulder straps.

Similarly, the expansive pocket situated at the front of the main compartment can be fully unzipped and flattened for easy access.

Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find a Statpacks medical backpack that works for you.

The G3+ Responder is a beast with huge capacity and great organization options. It truly is an amazing medic pack with room for all of your essential emt gear.
The G3+ Responder holds all of your essential EMS gear and is a premier EMS oxygen bag as well. With all this organized capacity you will be ready for anything the next emergency throws at you.
The G3+ Responder has plenty of capacity for all of your essential emt gear as well as an oxygen tank. This image shows one of the many ways to organize your gear in a G3+ Responder

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