We realize most departments have established SOP’s for cleaning and decontamination of equipment. We still wish to share our strongly suggested guidelines, but also with a much more important message.

These are extraordinary times and most acceptable cleaning agents may not be readily available, and typical practices are just not possible.

We’ve fielded numerous calls and emails about usage of ‘this or that’ voiding our warranty. Our warranty will not be voided under any circumstances.

If a chemical or practice outside our guidelines renders a pack unusable, takes the color away, flakes the coating, etc., we will work with you to find an acceptable way to remedy each and every issue.

That said, we’re confident there aren’t many disinfecting chemicals or practices that will destroy the integrity of our gear. Even if the exterior of your gear is compromised, extra protection on the inner side remains intact.

STATPACKS has your back, more now than ever. Please be safe.


Always follow your department standard operating procedures over our recommendations. Sanitization wipes or decontamination solution may disinfect, but will not remove dirt, grime, or worse.
Bleach solution and some cleaning agents may discolor permeable fabric. We recommend spot testing in an inconspicuous spot prior to a full application.


Always wear personal protection equipment (i.e., gloves, mask, protective eyewear).Remove all contents and any removable bag components (i.e., dividers, pouches, modules)


Vigorously scrub all affected areas with soapy water using a hand brush (zipper chains, nylon trim, straps, buckles, interior/exterior surfaces, etc.).Wipe off any residual soapy water and contaminant.Allow to air-dry in well ventilated area.


Thoroughly treat all interior and exterior surfaces with department approved decontamination solution or wipesAllow to sit three minutesWipe off any residual solution or contaminant.Allow to completely air-dry in well ventilated area.

OSHA guidelines and recommendations for decontamination solutionS can be found here:

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