Request a Product Return

WE Make the most efficient and effective Medic Packs. 

But sometimes your medic workflow may not work specifically with our pack. Or you may have some requirements that our pack fails to meet.

If this is ever the case we are here to make things right. And if we are unable to meet your expectations in some regard we are happy to have you return the packs and receive a refund or replacement for a more suitable pack. Follow the steps below to begin the process.

We’ve got your back – figuratively and literally.


Use THE RETURN FORM below to send us the details about the products you would like to return. Then just wait for us to respond via email with your Return Authorization – usually the same day.


For the safety of our return crew, we do ask that you clean and sterilize the pack before sending it back to us.


Returning the pack(s) is your responsibility. Once we receive the pack and verify the received product matches the Return Authorization a refund will be authroized/sent.

Return Request Form

Please fill out the required fields at a minimum. After submitting, we will contact you within 24-48 hours with a return plan.

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