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Get Ready

For 20 years, StatPacks has been designing and manufacturing innovative medical bag products for emergency response professionals. Since its inception, StatPacks has been at the forefront of innovation in the medical bag industry. Our company was founded by former EMT and firefighter Scott Nelson. After experiencing the limitations of medical bags in the field, he set out to create the medic bags he wanted.

How We Build the Best EMS Bag for EMT Professionals

EMS Bags with the Most Advanced Fabric Technology We’ve updated the fabric on our EMS bags with a new high-performance elastomer. It’s the most advanced material technology available. The mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of the material are unmatched. They have qualified to meet the most demanding end applications.

The Most Important Features You Need in an EMS IV Kit

When it comes to emergency medical situations, having a well-equipped EMS IV kit can make all the difference. Whether you’re administering fluids or medications, the right tools and organization are crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the key features that every EMS IV kit should possess. We’ll also introduce two top-tier options: the G3+ Intravenous Cell and the G3+ Medic EMS trauma backpack.

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