In 1984, a bond was built over a pair of skateboard tricks and a pilfered six-pack of warm Hamm’s.  So, owner's Andrew Tepper and Scott Nelson have a long and rich history dating back to middle school.

While yesteryears’ youthful coordination and dexterity have long since passed, the 8th-grader exuberance lives on and continues to power our excitement about what we do and how we do it.

There really wasn’t a 'light bulb' moment with StatPacks.  We came to be in a lot of ways.

Nelson was a full-time Paramedic/FF moonlighting as an evening production manager at a high-end outdoor backpack manufacturer.  In


his down time, he began to tinker and apply the more technically advanced science and materials to his old school medical kits. What began as a personal endeavor quickly spread as fellow medics couldn’t help, but see the advantages.  The idea caught fire and a budding company was born…

Cue Andrew Tepper.  While lacking the requisite medical background, he was in possession of  a boot-strap entrepreneurial spirit and a very deep and intimate understanding of backpacks -  having traveled the globe with one for years.  Plans were drawn-up, hands were shaken, and a philosophy was adopted: whatever it takes.

Our strategy is simple: To build the best packs in the World, and to deliver the best possible customer service.

There were, and continue to be, great people along the way.  Friends and family, who without them StatPacks would not be here today.  We are forever grateful for those contributions.