STATPACKS knows all too well that the best warranty is one that is never used. So while we strive to make our product virtually indestructible, we remain committed to making the repair process as easy and painless as possible. 



Take 2 photos for each issue: one photo of the damaged or defective area, the second photo of the whole pack so that it can be easily identified.


Email the photos and return shipping address to:

Wait for us to respond via email - usually the same day.


For the safety of our repair crew, we do ask that you clean and sterilize the pack(s) before sending them back for repair.


Returning the damaged or defective pack is your responsibility, but repairs are made with exceptional haste - usually within 5 business days of receipt.  Repair and outbound freight are the full responsibility of StatPacks.

More about The Warranty

We take enormous pride in building the toughest, most durable packs on the planet.

StatPacks has and will always provide an iron-clad guarantee that our equipment will be free from manufacturing defects for the useful life of the product. That’s the easy-to-say legal jargon offered-up by most everyone. What makes StatPacks so  different in this regard is that we rely on our customers evaluation rather than our own. The customer determines what is or is not a 'manufacturing defect'. 

Measuring or defining 'useful life' or 'defects' is YOUR call.  Simply put, if we failed to exceed your expectations, we’ll provide an instant remedy in the form of a repair or agreeable alternative.

We've got your back - figuratively and literally.


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